Alan Green schreibt:

He’s supposedly the richest guy in town (owner of New Place). He’s supposedly the most famous guy in town (or that’s their claim, right?). He’s supposedly beloved by the whole nation and there was a movement to have him re-located to Westminster (the so-called Basse Elegy). He supposedly purchased shares in the parish tithes (for the enormous sum of £440) which gave him the title of ‘lay rector’ and with it the honour of being buried in a special position in the chancel! Yet they dumped him only three feet deep in an un-named grave, wrapped in a piece of cloth?

 It's an enormous setback for the Strats and definitely not the 400th Anniversary present they wanted. They had hoped for a big push to their already huge tourism spike; that’s why they allowed this to happen right now, a month before the Big Day, April 23rd! Instead they got scientific proof of his obscurity! Slam dunk evidence that their man was not even afforded the dignity of being buried in a coffin.

 This is a gigantic PR blunder and one that I believe some of you should take immediate advantage of!  A special BBC documentary, "Secret History: Shakespeare’s Tomb”, March 26th.