Alexander Waugh posted the following on 'Shakespeare Forum’
WAUGH-BATE debate: At the debate last night the hall in Westminster was packed with 300 people and the motion "This House believes that Shakespeare of Stratford did not write a single play or poem" was carried by an impressive majority, which the organisers ('How to Academy') did not feel the need to count. On the smaller swing votes a draw was declared. I was happy with both results as we were all aware that the anti-Stratfordians had turned out in much greater numbers, so that my victory seemed assured from the moment the entrance polls were declared (I think 107 anti-strat to 89 Strat). I hope in future more Stratfordians will show up to these things, because the night was tremendous fun. Sir Jonathan put up a plucky resistance, the audience was thrilled and both of us returned home thinking the whole thing had been thoroughly worthwhile.