Members of the De Vere Society will be saddened by the news of the sudden death of our former patron, Dan Wright, on 5 October. Apparently he suffered complications from his diabetes.
As many of you know, Dan was patron of the DVS for many years and frequently came to England to address us. Two especially memorable papers concerned Shakespeare's scholarship and the date of Henry VIII. He was also one of the main speakers at an SAT meeting at the Globe in 2005, where he was interviewed by Mark Rylance over the difficulties faced by a professor of English literature over the SAQ.
Dan was convinced that Oxford was the real person behind the works of Shakespeare, and  he was very welcoming to anyone interested in the question. He inaugurated an annual Shakespeare Authorship Conference during the 'noughties' (2000s) at Concordia University, Portland Oregon, where he was a member of the faculty. He had developed an interest in Shakespeare as an apologist for the Elizabethan religious settlement, which he published as a book. 
I have extended the condolences of the Society to his family.
Kevin Gilvary
President, De Vere Society.
Dan Wright