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The Shakespearean Authorship Trust
Bericht 2016-Konferenz (Juli 2017)

Eva Turner Clark: How I Became an Oxfordian (1931/ Juli 2017)

SOF Chicago Conference Schedule Announced

An Oxfordian Consensus (Juli 2017)

Hamlet and the Law of Homicide: the Life of the Mind in Law and Art
(Vortrag von der SOF-Konferenz 2014, jetzt auf YouTube, Juni 2017)

Neu erschienen:
Shakespeare's Wilderness
by David Rains Wallace

"I can already say that I recommend “Shakespeare's Wilderness” to anyone interested in the authorship question and its many applications to the study of the Shakespeare canon. Wallace shows that in considering Shakespeare and nature a greater appreciation of the lived life of the author enrich us all." (Mark Anderson)

21 September 2017 at the Royal Institute in London:
The Great Shakespeare Debate: The man from Stratford, William Shakespeare, did not write a single play or poem. With Alexander Waugh and Sir Jonathan Bate.

Spektrum Shakespeare Band 6/2017

Zum 23. April (Wiederholung von 2016)

DVS Annual General Meeting, April 22, 2017


 Die Fremden

Mark Twain, Ist Shakespeare tot? Aus meiner Autobiografie.

Neue Aufsätze in  „Anonymous Shakespeare“:

Brunel University London, 27. April  17:
An Evening with Sir Mark Rylance: Tales of Shakespeare, Stage and Screen

Gary Goldstein:  Reflections on the True Shakespeare
Hank Whittemore: 100-Reasons Shake-Speare Was the Earl of Oxford
James Warren: Summer Storm    

National Review (21. Januar 2017)
Gary B. Goldstein: The Nobility of High Politics in Shakespeare
Shakespeare skeptics say his plays must have been written by someone with intimate knowledge of English government affairs.

Bibliothek der University of Winnipeg/Canada richtet eine Internetsite zur Autorschftsfrage ein:
Shakespeare Studies: Authorship Studies

Brief Chronicles Band 7 ist jetzt erhältlich.
Darin u. a.:
Elke Brackmann und Robert Detobel:
 "Teaching the Sonnets and de Vere’s Biography at School – Opportunities and Risks"

Robin Phillips: How I Became an Oxfordian

Alle Artikel: "How I Became An Oxfordian"

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