"Prinz Tudor" Theorie

Mark Anderson (Autor von "Shakespeare by Another Name") antwotete auf eine ihm gestellte Frage zur PT-Theorie:

Received an email over the transom this weekend asking about "Anonymous" (Film von Roland Emmerich, Red.) and the various Prince Tudor theories. My reply below. Ducking and bracing for the inevitable backlash presently.

You ask a question that has divided Oxfordians for a few generations now. To me portraiture would appear to settle the question of Southampton's parentage, at least as far as his maternal line is concerned. As Hamlet says, look here upon this picture and on this

"Thou art thy mother's glass and she in thee calls back the lovely April of her prime." Seems about right. Southampton does look a LOT like his mom. Meaning Mary Browne, Countess of Southampton. If one were to stipulate that Southampton was instead the secret child of the most observed woman in all of England, who carried a pregnancy to term in secret, bore a child in secret, and then inexplicably farmed the child out to a leading family of strongly Catholic-sympathizing (!) nobles, it would be perhaps history's strangest coincidence of an adopted child just happening to be the spitting image of his adopted mother. It requires, I think, a number of leaps of faith that I don't see much evidence or motivation at this point for taking.

As far as information about the so-called Prince Tudor theories, there's a group of Oxfordians in Germany who have come up with a pretty good response to "Anonymous" and its rather (IMO) unnecessarily conspiratorial take on the royal lineage. Again, IMO, let's try to get as much mileage from the one hypothesis we already have on the table. Oxford was Shake-speare. I haven't seen much compelling evidence that we then also need secret royal bloodlines and all kinds of elaborate postulates on top of that to make sense of the story.

Anyway, below are the German researchers I referenced. I hope this helps.

With best wishes,
Mark Anderson


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