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The Oxfordian, the annual journal published during the fall by the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship


Richard Malim

The Earl of Oxford and the Making of "Shakespeare"

The Literary Life of Edwaerd de Vere in Context

Mc Farland 2012



A J Pointon


  The Man who was Never Shakespeare'



Kurt Kreiler





A Critical Review of the Evidence
edited by Kevin Gilvary


   Dating Shakespeare's Plays                             




Richard Paul Roe

The Shakespeare Guide to Italy

Retracing the Bard's Unkown Travels

Harper Perennial 2011




Such Fruits Out of Italy: The Italian Renaissance in Shakespeare’s Plays and Poems

Noemi Magri (Author), Gary Goldstein (Editor)


On the Date, Sources and Design of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

by Roger A Stritmatter and Lynne Kositsky





Brief Chronicles


Shakespeare Beyond Doubt? -- Exposing an Industry in Denial
John M. Shahan, Alexander Waugh


Shakespeare in Court Kindle Edition by Alexander Waugh


Contested Year
Errors, Omissions and Unsupported Statements in James Shapiro's "The Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606" Kindle Edition


 Steven McClarran: I Come To Bury Shaksper
 A Deconstruction of the Fable of the Stratfordian Shake-speare and the Supporting Scholarship





Peter R. Moore: The Lame Storyteller, Poor and Despised                                                                    
Studies in Shakespeare, lEditor: Gary Goldstein





Mark Anderson: "Shakespeare" By Another Name
The Life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, The Man Who Was Shakespeare
Gotham Books, 2005




Great Oxford: Essays on the Life and Work of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, 1550 - 1604General Editor: Richard Malim.
Parapress Ltd, Tunbridge Wells, 2004




Warren Hope and Kim Holston:The Shakespeare ControversyAn Analysis of the Authorship Theories, 2d ed.
McFarland,  2009




Diana Price: Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography New Evidence of An Authorship Problem, 3d ed
Greenwood Press, 2001




William, Farina: De Vere as ShakespeareAn Oxfordian Reading of the Canon
McFarland, 2006





Paul Altrocchi & Hank Whittemore
Series Editors